But We had a Darned Good Sail

It was supposed to be a short, 3-day race out into the Pacific Ocean off the Washington/Oregon coast. It started out in a storm out the mouth of the Strait of Jaun de Fuca.  Five sailors, in the fleet's smallest sailboat, fought horrendous seas and harrowing winds.  Five started.  Four returned with the boat in a glorious moon-lit sail.
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Sonata in E-minor

Isobel narrates the evolution of her love affair with a young pianist. The story shifts from New England in the Autumn to Paris, to a farm at the foot of the Pyranees to the Mediterranean. It returns to New England and climaxes during a rainy Autumn evening in Seattle. It is about Isobel, about memory and dreaming. It is about music. It is about love.  Read More




In 1958. Socrates was a well-used Dodge ½-ton pickup truck. After some minor modifications, he took a pair of innocent newly-weds and their two large dogs, from New York to Montana. A humorously told story in the style of the classic “Egg and I” recounts Socrate's stumbling trek west and his later return through Northern Canada where he is assaulted by the mischievous Gods of the Road.  Read More


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Twigs and Leaves
Songs for the Solitary Sentinal

Poetry is hard to pin down. We think we know it when we see it, but struggle when we try to define it. I take verbal snapshots, writing poetry in my head as I travel along, as I am not very good at taking snapshots with a camera. My favorite snapshots express an unexpected duality where nature and man's mind clash. The mind expects one thing and sees something else, something unexpected that it struggles with, like sailboat in the wheat field and the cat in the tree.  That confrontation between fantasy and reality is, to  me, the essence of poetry.  Read More




About the Author

The author's professional writing experience began as a high school sophomore with a sports column in the weekly Warwick Valley Dispatch   It expanded into sports stringer for the Middletown Times Herald and the Newburgh News, covering semi-pro baseball.  Writing took second place to college studies, acting and operatic roles, until a 7 year career as a Boeing operating system computer software designer in the 60's. A job as Associate Editor of Computer Design News was added to the mix, while tootling around the NorthWest in a Fiat Abarth competing in sports car races.